Softduit Media will once again this year travel to cover the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Softduit has covered CES annually since 2007.  This year Softduit will cover the show across multiple sites and venues including Softduit Media properties:

Once again this year Softduit Media will also be working with our partners at New Media Creative and Izea at this event using tools and support made available by Sony and services through Utterli. 

Softduit Media will also work on unrelated projects with Mevio while in Las Vegas as well.  Softduit Media previously worked with Mevio in April of 2008 covering River Run, which included interviews with Joan Jett and coverage of news events of the River Run fire that broke out during the 4 day event.


Contact for Interviews or Meetings

If you will be attending or exhibiting at CES in 2009, and would like to coordinate or request an interview of your company, products, or services, please contact Brett Bumeter by leaving a comment here or contacting Brett through LinkedIn, Facebook or Utterli.


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