This weekend my wife was working on a presentation and wanted to find a way to display Visible Tweets on her Google Pages site.  She’s a teacher and headed to an education technology conference for school librarians. The Visible Tweets website and service is great (and free) but it is so simple and easy that there isn’t really any tutorials or how to’s showing people how to do much other than show the website.  🙂
My wife didn’t need anything fancy, just something that  could be run through  a projector, but collected all the tweets from the  conference hash tag.  The easy (and low tech) solution was a simple iframe.
If by chance, you’d like a similar way to embed a twitter feed into a nice animated display like Visible Tweets, you might want to try one of these iframe samples.  It could just as easily be put on any site using html, or in a blog post or even possibly in a sidebar or widget.

Visible Tweets currently has 3 types of animated display

Letter by Letter Visible Tweets Embed code example

<iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”400px” ></iframe>

Rotation Visible Tweets Embed Code Example

<iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”400px” ></iframe>

Tag Cloud Visible Tweets Embed Code Example

<iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”400px” ></iframe>

You can change the width if you like, these examples have a fluid 100% width but a fixed 400 pixel height. Also, you will notice that if you hover over the box, a full screen display option also appears and that might be desirable in presentation situations.
Alternately, for conference situations, you might also consider running this code before a presentation. Then capture video off the screen using a screen recorder (I use Camtasia screen recorder, but the free version is called Jing and might be good enough).
There are two important positives about capturing a twitter feed in a screen video:

  1. This allows you to play the video straight from your hard drive,  just in case the internet is down. It won’t be live real time tweets, but if you are trying to make a point about an old twitter feed it could be a solid backup.
  2. You can also edit out inappropriate tweets in the video, or cherry pick some of the best examples for the video.

I’m sure there are a half dozen other ways to do something similar or achieve other results. If you have an alternate suggestion, I’d love to read or see it!

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