What is Siteground’s Entry Level (cheapest) price for Managed WordPress Hosting?

Currently Siteground is offering about 60% off on all of their plans.  We’ve seen this discount slightly higher than that even on special holidays.

After discount their entry level plan costs $3.95 per month.  Their normal price is $9.95 per month.

It is important to understand that after your initial subscription expires, and renews, the renewal rate will be whatever the current normal price is at that time.  From our direct (but limited) experience, Siteground requires a minimum purchase of 1 year at a time and a maximum of three years.

What does that mean?

If you order and prepay for 1 year of hosting in advance at $3.95 (discounted rate) you will be charged up front about  $47.40.  Then, 12 months from now or when you place your order, when the renewal comes up, your credit/debit/paypal card will be charged for 12 months at the normal rate.  The normal rate is currently $9.95 so if that is still the normal rate next year, your card would be charged $119.40.

Year 1 = $47.40 at $3.95/mo rate (60% off)
Year 2 = $119.40 at $9.95/mo rate (0% off)

Save bigger with larger prepayment.

If you know that [clink id=”56″ target=”_self” rel=”nofollow”]Siteground[/clink] is going to be a good fit, or if you are just not worried about it, you can make an initial hosting order of 24 or 36 months.

In such a case the example above would work as follows

Year 1 = $142.20 at $3.95/mo rate (60% off for 3 years!)
Year 3 = $358.20 at $9.95/mo rate (0% off for the next 3 years)

Considerations and ways to save with Hosting in general

  • Hosting is a prepaid expense, so if you quit and move somewhere before the 3 years are up, you can generally get a prorated refund
  • Hosting prices often trend downward so the normal rate of $9.95 may (not a promise) decrease to something lower three years from now.

One more thing – Free Trial 30 Day money back Guarantee

Siteground offers a 1 month trial plan.  In general, changing hosts can be a little bit of work so we do not necessarily recommend ‘trying’ a host out for a month for the hell of it.  Going for the free trial also means that the free migration would not be free and there would be a setup fee.  1 month trial plans are available on all levels of plans from Siteground and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  Our opinion is that this does show their own belief in the value of their offering and its quality which is a positive, but frankly with the exception of a few scenarios, if someone is using the free trial they are probably wasting their own time and maybe Sitegrounds as well.  We’d recommend simply making a decision and moving forward.  🙂

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